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Fighting the mental health crisis

The Duke of Cambridge has released an incredibly powerful statement about mental health today

“Just like physical health we all have mental health. Every one of us will face setbacks in our lives. And every one of us will face challenges with our mental health as a result. The consequences of this silence, confusion, stigma […]

“Wouldn’t it be sad if a Labrador spent its entire life trying to be a Jack Russell”

“Wouldn’t it be sad if a Labrador spent its entire life trying to be a Jack Russell”
Written by CAL Therapist Katy Pey
Working with young people with eating disorders, body dysmorphia and low self-esteem has shown us just how critical we can be about the body we live in. What we often don’t think about […]

The CAL School Dog Affiliate programme – A professional training programme for your school!

Canine Assisted Learning is at the forefront of animal assisted interventions in schools in the UK, providing  a bespoke training package for the dog and handler. This professional training package covers all aspects of having a dog in school including initial preparations and set up, how to implement effective interventions, all health and safety and legal considerations, training around understanding the dogs body language and behaviour and ensuring the dogs emotional wellbeing and welfare is at the forefront of programme.

The programme involves a full day course at the school followed by ongoing support and training, visiting the school each term ensuring good practice and additional training. CAL helps to create a progressive timetable carefully balancing the dogs workload with rest periods and emotional wellbeing, this continues for the duration of time the dog is working in school.

The work that CAL undertakes continually sees the huge benefits of correctly trained, assessed and regulated dogs in schools; these incredible benefits are shown both academically and emotionally.

If you would like further information on how the affiliate programme can work in your school please contact […]