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Boarding Schools

There are countless reasons why a good boarding school environment today is positive for the mental health of young people, with many schools looking at innovative groundbreaking interventions and practices that prioritise their pupils’ mental health.

Research has shown that therapy dogs in an educational environment can reduce stress and anxiety and help provide a sense of connection in difficult situations. The human-animal bond is a unique and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviours considered essential to the mental health and emotional wellbeing of both human and animal.

It is proven that utilising this special bond in the right way within educational environments, can significantly benefit students who may be struggling with a range of mental and emotional challenges – especially in a boarding environment where they may be away from their families or usual support system.

The positive effects of having dogs in boarding schools is clear to see; children are visibly more relaxed around the dogs and are able to open up about their emotions. This has shown to enhance their emotional wellbeing ensuring their experiences at boarding school are happy and productive.

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We provide both Consultancy School Dog Services and Affiliate School Dog Services for this setting.

Consultancy School Dog Services is where one of our team of a trained school assistance dog and practitioner can visit your school for one-to-one sessions and Affiliate School Dog Services is where we can offer a training and support programme for your own school dog for this setting.