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Making a difference to the mental health and emotional wellbeing of every individual through specialist canine support

Canine Workplace Wellbeing(CWW) is dedicated to improve mental wellness in the workplace along with raising awareness and reducing the stigma around mental health 

CWW provides a wide range of services dedicated to improving emotional and  mental wellness through the use of professionally trained canine assisted therapy teams. 

Our teams are trained mental health first aiders all coming from a wide range of experience within the mental health field working alongside our assistance dogs who receive specialist training from the age of eight weeks.

We are at the forefront of animal assisted interventions in the UK, setting standards and regulations in the field.

Positive wellbeing has benefits for both employees and employers alike including:

–          Reduces absenteeism and staff turnover 

–          Improves productivity  

–          Improves motivation  

–          Improves office morale 

The combination of the unique human animal bond and CWW’s professionally trained teams provide an essential formula for positive mental health in the workplace.

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Employers must take responsibility to create a workplace environment that has a positive impact on their employees physical, emotional and mental health needs; this is where CWW’s services can help.

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 “Just like physical health we all have mental health. Every one of us will face setbacks in our lives. And every one of us will face challenges with our mental health as a result. The consequences of this silence, confusion, stigma and even shame have reached a crisis point in the UK”  

The Duke of Cambridge

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