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Making a difference to the mental health and emotional wellbeing of every individual through specialist canine support


Our canine assisted therapy teams  promote talking and releasing our ‘pressure valve’ resulting in greater productivity, motivation and an overall boost to emotional wellbeing. 

We offer customisable wellbeing packages to suit your organisations needs and requirements.

Ongoing wellbeing visits

Our Wellbeing therapy team will visit your workplace on a regular basis allowing your employees to advance book a twenty minute 1:1 session. During this 1:1 time which is confidential your employee will benefit from the unique effects of the human animal bond alongside one of our trained consultants.

The calming, therapeutic and playful effects interacting with dogs can have on employees have seen our services being in demand in the workplace as part of a wellbeing action plan. 

The unique human animal bond utilised by CWW’s specialist teams can:

  • lower the heart rate and reduce blood pressure.
  • promote the release of oxytocin and dopamine.
  • inhibit the production of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • be a social lubricant, encourage conversation and promote interaction.
  • be a non-judgemental and confidential friend.
  • have easy to read body language.
  • save money
  • be attuned and sensitive to our emotions.
  • be a buffer to stress.

Wellbeing days

We can build a bespoke agenda  tailored to your requirements for a one off wellbeing day. This can include 1:1 sessions as described above as well as talks on wellbeing in the workplace including subject matters such as  how to create a healthy workplace, how to talk about mental health in the workplace, active listening and implementing an effective wellbeing action plan.

Mental Health first aid training

We offer fully certified mental health first aid courses which qualify delegates as mental health first aiders.

The course options are below

  • Level 1 Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health – 4 hours
  • Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health – 6 hours
  • Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health – 12 hours

The course is aimed at workplaces who wish to enhance their employee Wellbeing Action Plan  and to encourage employers to have a qualified Mental Health First Aider alongside their provision for practical first aid. 

Canine Assisted Learning is dedicated to improving mental health and emotional wellbeing  in the workplace whilst reducing stigma and shame.

There are many key metal health days throughout the year, by inviting CAL teams in to run wellness days we can help raise the profile of your mental health action plan and bring huge benefits all-round

Key mental health awareness days 2020


20th – Blue Monday


3rd-9th  – Children’s Mental Health Week

6th  – Time to Talk Day


1st – Self Injury Awareness Day

2nd-8th Eating Disorder Awareness Day

5th March  University Mental Health Day


Stress Awareness Month

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work – Healthy workplace for all ages

1st  – National Walking Day


30th April-6th May – UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Week

11-17th  – Dying matters week

18-24th – Mental Health Awareness Week


3-9th  National Growing for Wellbeing week

15-21st   Men’s Health Week

21st  International Father’s Mental Health Day


Talk To Us (Samaritans)


10th World Suicide Prevention Day


7-11th October – National Work Life Week

10th October – World Mental Health Day


4th National Stress Awareness Day

Anti Bullying Week – TBC

21st November – International Survivors of suicide Loss Day

Anger Awareness Week – TBC




“I was just about to get into a slightly strained conversation and after meeting Bramble I came back very relaxed and had a different conversation. It definitely helped the morale in the office!”

“Rosie lifted my spirits just by wanting to distract me and play for 10 minutes”

“The best work day of my life! the session was seriously needed after a hard week, I left feeling calm and relaxed”