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Portrait of a young woman looking tired while studying in a college library

“Making a difference to the emotional wellbeing of every individual through specialist canine support”

Canine-Assisted Learning offers animal-assisted interventions, activities and support to Universities across the UK.

The mental health of university students is a growing concern, levels of mental illness, mental distress and low wellbeing among students in higher education in the UK are increasing, and are high relative to other sections of the population.(1)

Students can be faced with overwhelming pressures financially and socially whilst at the same time trying to study and transition in to adulthood, the burden can be too much. This has resulted in alarming research showing one in four students suffering from mental health issues at some point during their time at university, with nearly half of those saying they struggle to complete daily tasks as a result.(2)

Canine Assisted Learning provides a professional animal assisted therapy team consisting of a AAI practitioner and highly trained assistance dog utilise the unique human animal bond in order to:

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To find out how Canine Assisted Learning can bring wellbeing benefits to your students and staff please contact us

(1)Institute for Public Policy Research (2017) Not by degrees: improving student mental health in the UK’s universities.


I’m sure you would agree that good mental health and wellbeing underpins successful participation and attainment. Collectively, we must prioritise the wellbeing and mental health of our students – there is no negotiation on this. To make this happen, leadership from the top is essential

Sam Gyimah, Universities minister