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 “Enhancing the lives, learning and emotional wellbeing of young people through specialist canine support”

Canine Assisted Learning is at the forefront of animal assisted interventions, providing a range of services to schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

We provide specialist consultancy interventions and a comprehensive school dog training progrmmae.

Our bespoke therapeutic programmes show continuous improvement in targeted areas of emotional and academic development.  The progressive and innovative therapeutic intervention, engages young people through the development of the human-animal bond and is of significant benefit to those who struggle to engage in traditional interventions and therapies.

There are significant benefits that come from the bond between young people and animals, that combined with our specialist training and our professional teams, provide an essential formula to overcoming challenges faced in society today.

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What do we offer and why? 

Canine Assisted Learning provides animal assisted interventions, activities and support to state, independent and specialist schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

Our specially trained assistance dogs and animal assisted intervention practitioners have a wealth of experience working with young people in mainstream schools, along with those with complex additional needs and challenging behaviour in specialist schools. We take pride in the professional, unique service we offer and strive to be at the forefront of  Animal Assisted Interventions in education in the UK. 

In 2004, a national survey found that 1 in 10 children had a diagnosed mental health disorder.  By 2017,  this has risen to 1 in 8 children and young people under the age of 19 (NHS Digital, 2017). This represents the children who have an official diagnosis, but the pressure on mental health services means that fewer children are being assessed and ‘diagnosed’.  We know from our experience of working in this field that far more are struggling and not receiving the help and support they need. Therefore, we believe it is increasingly important that we endeavour to make schools more mentally healthy – a cause we feel incredibly passionate about.


“Canine Assisted Learning are a professional and experienced company who fit  effortlessly into our school team. They work well with a range of students and show knowledge, skills and understanding of supporting complex needs and disabilities, particularly for those students with a diagnosis of ASD and associated behaviours. Their child-centred and holistic approach means that each student session is individualised to their specific needs and interests. They are capable of building meaningful relationships with the students in a relatively short period of time and make evidenced progress in literacy. Reluctant readers who access Canine Assisted Learning are now thriving readers relative to their ability and are proud to demonstrate their reading skills across a range of contexts (e.g. paired sessions, groups, whole class) Canine Assisted Learning will be a positive and successful addition to any school or company”
Ali Hillard - The Link Secondary School

For schools looking to have their own school dog please take a look at the CAL affiliate programme. 
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“A child who is exposed to the emotional experiences inherent in playing with a pet is given many learning opportunities that are essential to wholesome personality development. His play with the pet will express his view of the world, its animals, and its human beings, including his parents and peers.”
Boris Levinson