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Affiliate School Dogs

The CAL affiliate programme is a training programme for schools across the UK to provide a safe and effective means to provide animal assisted interventions in school with the schools / Staff members own dog. The programme not only focus on training of the dog but of the handler ensuring all health and safety considerations are met, an understanding of canine behaviour along with ensuring safe and effective implementation of the interventions with the welfare of the dog and safety of all involved held at the core of all work undertaken.

The training programme offers a thorough in school training package for both the staff member and dog, and will provide:

  • a one day in house training course for the main handler, dog and up to four additional staff members who will be a support network for the team.
  • ongoing training and termly assessments ensuring CAL’s high standards are met
  • CAL’s public liability insurance for the dog and handler
  • a CAL school assistance dog jacket and lead
  • ongoing support and affiliation ensuring a regulated professional service

Once certified there are regular training and assessment visits along with an annual assessment and regular veterinary checks to ensure good practice and continuing affiliation with CAL. If you would like more information about how to become a CAL-affiliated school dog team please get in touch with us here.


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