School dogs can have an incredible impact on the wellbeing of young people at school however in order for a school dog to thrive their wellbeing needs to be paramount. The job of a school dog can be a tough one with constant exposure to high stimuli which can have a significant impact on behaviour and temperament.  

School dog handlers should be trained to look out for subtle changes in behaviour along with stress signals and have strategies to manage these should they arise. As much as we know our dogs, we will always have a biased opinion meaning we may miss a vital signal, so for the safety of all involved behaviour assessments should be carried out in school by a qualified dog trainer. CAL carries out assessments every term on all of our school dogs, setting the highest of standards. 

Regular assessments also ensure the school dog is adapting well to the environment, receiving appropriate training, and maintaining good health. Assessments help identify any behaviour issues early on, allowing for timely interventions and creating a safer and more effective learning environment. After all a happy thriving school dog is a safe school dog, nobody wants the worst to happen. 

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