Christmas can be an incredibly difficult time for many people, this can present itself in many ways including having a huge effect on our mental health affecting us both at home and in the workplace.

Stressors over the festive period can include increased financial pressures, increased workloads, increased family pressures, heightened feelings surrounding the loss of a loved one and for many the dread of loneliness over the festive period. These circumstances can often be amplified over the festive period leaving us feeling completely overwhelmed and emotionally fragile resulting in days off work and poor productivity.

Canine Assisted Learning are offering emotional wellbeing days throughout December to help boost employee emotional wellbeing. Our wellbeing days are a way to boost morale in the office, promote conversation and benefit from the unique calming effects of the human animal bond.

By boosting emotional wellbeing our dogs can help to:

Reduce stress

Reduce blood pressure

Reduce staff absenteeism

Boost office morale and productivity

Bring some festive cheer to the office

If you would like to support your staffs emotional wellbeing this Christmas and support those employees who might not be coping well over the festive period please get in touch to book in a Canine Assisted Learning Wellbeing day.