Are you looking in to school dog programmes and need some help deciding which is the best fit for your school? CAL provides both school dog training programmes and specialist canine interventions led by professional practitioners.
Choosing the right school dog programme for your school is the difference between great success and failure.
Canine Assisted Learning works with each school to help them make informed decisions on which school dog programme is right for them.
The first consideration is to decide if you would like a visiting school dog to provide interventions or do you want to have your own school dog. When making this an initial decision it is important to start with the following questions
  • Do you have a staff member who is able to work with the school dog as their main role, do they have the time to look after the dogs welfare needs, breaks etc?
  • Does your staff member have time to commit to continued training ?
  • Do you have a quiet designated area where the school dog can take breaks away from children ?
  • Do you have a support team of 2/3 members of staff who can help support the needs of the school dog alongside their role in school?
  • Do you have  a dog in mind you would like to be assessed or are you looking for a puppy?
If you feel confident with the above CAL’s Affiliate School Dog Training Programme is the perfect solution. A comprehensive, supportive programme covering everything you need to set your school up for a successful school dog programme.
If the answer to the above is proving tricky then having your own school dog may not be the right path for your school. CAL provides specialist Canine Interventions supporting all areas of learning and wellbeing Our professional teams provide goal orientated sessions to suit the needs of your students, working in a flexible, nurturing and therapeutic way. Our practitioners are paired with a specially trained therapy dog that has undergone extensive training and assessments to ensure their suitability for the role.  This unique partnership creates a pivotal platform to provide this specialist support and strategies. We see great result in all areas of our interventions, providing much needed support to hundreds of schools.
If you would like to discuss any of the above or find out more please contact our helpful team who will be happy to help.