Today was an exciting day for CAL’s puppy in training Daisy, the day she had been unknowingly preparing for over the last ten months had finally arrived,  it was her first day in school! I can’t describe how proud I am of this special little dog, her exceptional intuitive nature came in to its own, she was amazing to watch, changing how she acted to the needs of each of the boys we worked with.

Daisy’s first day was spent working on the emotional and  behavioural development programme we offer to schools, this programme helps  young people understand and regulate their emotions and behaviours – this is an area that is incredibly tricky for many young people – having a dog in the room instantly eases anxiety and helps create a tranquil environment, to watch you can visually see the young people relax and breathe, they have an opportunity to just be, to be themselves which can be such a rarity in their troubled lives. Today Daisy was a real hit, the boys she worked with loved her, in their words “She is so cute I love her” “She is so calm and fun all at the same time” “I can’t wait to see you next week Daisy” and I think Daisy felt just the same back, she was in her element!

The last ten months have been one big adventure for Daisy preparing for her big moment in school. Daisy was thrown in to the deep end as a therapy dog from the day she joined our family, the well planned new addition joined us on the day my father died, it is one of those life coincidences that are just meant to be – her amazing intuitive nature set in from day one, being an incredible comfort and healer as well as bringing an abundance of laughs as a naughty Labrador puppy!

From the beginning of Daisy’s journey she has been carefully socialised with both people and dogs, encountering new situations, visiting local towns, book shops, coffee shops and pubs, she has travelled on trains and buses  all of this at her own pace ensuring she is confident and happy in all new environments. Working calmly and patiently with positive praise and encouragement has been at the core of everything we have achieved with Daisy all of which paid off today. Throughout training I have learnt how to read Daisy, learn her individual signals and learn how to detect what she is thinking even before she does – training for both the dog and practitioner is paramount in CAL’s ethos and what we believe makes a great team.

We offer a range of training services and are working with school staff and their own dogs across the country to help create more amazing CAL affiliate teams, if you would like to know more about the affiliate and are other programmes please contact us.