Lilly has been working with Josh for two half terms, today was a real breakthrough, Josh came to his emotional regulation session with his cuddly Labrador teddy also called Lilly. Lilly the teddy is always with Josh as a strategy given to him from the real Lilly, each week she tells the real Lilly all about her and Josh’s’ week

For the most of the time when Josh is asked to do any form of writing the end result is the same, a huge and often violent outburst ending with incredible upset for Josh. Through ongoing work last week Josh was able to tell Lilly that it was the time of the day he had to write that made it even worse, if he could just get it out of the way in the morning then it would make it easier. Josh said writing makes him tiered and wants to put it behind him and not think about it coming up for the rest of the day. When Josh arrived to his weekly session today he had a huge smile on his face and his writing book in his hand, Josh was able to use his words and tell Lilly that he had done his writing all week and how it had made him feel “fast” meaning he was feeling uplifted and happy, he even demonstrated his new way of walking to Lilly!  Josh’s teachers could not believe the difference in his week and more so that he was able to verbalise the issue which they were able to then help.  Josh left the session full of confidence, pride in himself and with a huge smile on his face!!

The way that children are able to relax with our dogs and start to vocalise their feelings is truly amazing, all through the incredible human animal bond.