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Emotional Regulation

We work with young people who for many different reasons struggle to recognise, regulate and control their emotions and in turn their behaviour.  Working with the young people on our emotional regulation programme helps them to explore how they are feeling, understand why they are feeling that way and start to put strategies in place to effectively manage their anger and outbursts.

Specialist CAL practitioner teams work on an individual basis focusing on social, emotional and behavioural intervention strategies. The aim is to help young people understand and regulate their emotions and behaviour by providing a safe, non-judgemental space to explore different emotional reactions and provide psychoeducation about different behavioural strategies.

Research has demonstrated that youths in residential care displayed more secure attachment following an animal-assisted intervention (Balluerka, Muela, Aminano & Caldeney, 2014).

“Thank you again for working magic on X last week.  We have been trying to integrate her into STARS for a number of weeks and have only managed to get her to the reception desk.  Wednesday was the first time she had fully entered the building and the fact she stayed with Lilly for 30 minutes was incredible.  The next day she came to a maths lesson for 10 minutes! Lilly has also worked wonders on X during her English mock exam, calming her down enough to re-enter the exam and complete the paper.”

Anne Farringdon, STARS school

School pupils with a relaxed CAL dog -
School pupils with a relaxed CAL dog -