Photo of a girl reading with a dogWe currently offer animal assisted interventions in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, London, North Wales, Cheshire, Manchester and surrounding areas.

Our highly trained therapy dogs have passed extensive behavioural and suitability assessments (including veterinary evaluations) in order to ensure that they are perfect for working alongside people of all ages. Accompanying our dogs is a trained therapist who has a wealth of experience working with pupils with special educational needs. This team is prepared to work around your requirements and committed to meeting your needs, offering amongst other things:

1:1 literacy support

  • general classroom support
  • group work
  • 1:1 time focusing upon behaviour
  • 1:1 time focusing upon emotional support
  • AAIs and AAAs*

We can create a therapeutic programme to suit your needs and integrate ourselves seamlessly into your school life in order to develop lasting, consistent and beneficial relationships with pupils. We provide all set-up materials and will prepare your school for our visit(s): undertaking risk assessments, addressing parental concerns and provide information for staff.

*For more details of how we can help in schools please read our results section.

We’d love to hear from you, so for further information or to book a visit, please contact us here.