We can help your school by training (and then supporting) a member of your own staff and their dog to work as a CAL-affiliated dog therapy team. To this end, we offer a thorough training package for both the staff member and dog, and will provide:

  • all the training required, ensuring CAL’s high standards are met
  • ongoing support and resources
  • the necessary documents for the school
  • public liability insurance for the dog and handler
  • a CAL dog jacket, harness and lead

Once certified there is an annual assessment and regular veterinary checks to ensure good practice and continuing affiliation with CAL.  If you would like more information about how to become a CAL-affiliated school dog team please get in touch with us here.

Animal assisted talking therapies

Canine Assisted Learning offers a range of talking therapies for young people between the ages of 5-16

CAL talking therapies offers a progressive and inivative theraputic approach that engages young people through the development of the human animal bond and is of huge benefit to those who struggle to engage in traditional talking therapies. Our approach offers a different way of exploring difficult and sensitive issues making it easier for the young people we work with to express their feelings and recount painful experiences. Our highly trained CAL dogs help create a calm and peaceful environment enabling our sessions to be of maximum benefit. We provide talking therapies to help with the following:
Dealing with difficult emotions
Dealing with upsetting or traumatic experiences
Coping with change

To find out more please get in touch with us here.