Time to Talk day 2019

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Time to Talk day 2019 was a huge success For CAL, who are working to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace, we offered many free sessions one of them being Rosie’s visit to the  BMW offices in Farnborough.

Rosie’s role was to promote conversation amongst employees along with bringing the other benefits of […]

Free Workplace Wellbeing sessions on time to talk day 2019

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As part of Time to Talk Day 2019 Canine Assisted Learning are offering free Workplace Wellbeing sessions to help normalise mental health, raise awareness and reduce stigma,  whilst helping your employees remain and thrive in work.

Canine Assisted Learning offers a bespoke Canine Assisted Workplace Wellbeing programme which is public liability insured, regulated, with full risk assessments […]

Mental Health at Work – We share the Duke of Cambridge’s view!!

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This week The Duke of Cambridge has spoken about how  employers should provide more support for people whose mental health is causing them problems at work, a viewpoint shared with Canine Assisted Learning who are working towards creating mentally healthy workplaces.

The Duke said “It should be so much easier to go to HR and talk about […]

How CAL is supporting mental health in young people

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Animal Assisted interventions can have a hugely positive effect working with young people in therapeutic settings CAL Therapist Katy works with young people in a range of settings with anxiety, selective mutism, psychosis, eating disorders, trauma, abuse, conduct disorder and exposure to name a few. The effect her CAL dog has on the young […]

Our views on the recent comment “Teach children how to avoid dog bites”​ by MPs

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“More needs be done to teach children how to stay safe around dogs and to reduce the risk of avoidable injuries” is the view of MPs who want animal behavioural experts and charities to come up with a canine childhood education plan for schools and parents. However it is not just children and parents […]

Lilly’s day……

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Lilly has been working with Josh for two half terms, today was a real breakthrough, Josh came to his emotional regulation session with his cuddly Labrador teddy also called Lilly. Lilly the teddy is always with Josh as a strategy given to him from the real Lilly, each week she tells the real Lilly […]

CAL dogs helping reduce social anxiety

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The support that CAL school dogs offer is not just in the classroom but extends to helping the young people they work with in social situations including school trips.
The human animal bond helps create a unique bond between the child and dog which can help lower anxieties which can help children in situations they […]

Workplace emotional well being

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Canine Assisted Learning is excited to be working with fantastic forward thinking companies investing in employee emotional well being

Animal Assisted therapy can have huge benefits in the workplace including:

Increasing staff morale
Increasing office productivity
Reducing stress and anxiety
Reducing blood pressure
Increase overall emotional wellbeing

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

“It was such a nice […]

Daisy goes to school!

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Today was an exciting day for CAL’s puppy in training Daisy, the day she had been unknowingly preparing for over the last ten months had finally arrived,  it was her first day in school! I can’t describe how proud I am of this special little dog, her exceptional intuitive nature came in to its […]

Why training is so important

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Having dogs in schools is becomingly increasing popular as the benefits of Animal Assisted Interventions are making remarkable improvements to Children’s academic achievements, along with social and emotional well being. Schools are hearing about these great results and are deciding to get a dog in their school , this is fantastic, more children are […]