Autism is a funny thing

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Autism is a funny thing. -written by Nici Maxwell

People say things like : ‘ it’s a spectrum’, ‘everyone is a little bit autistic’ and ‘I didn’t realise autistic people could do that’. I’ve always been drawn to people that are a bit different and I guess that means I have more friends ‘on the […]

The medias conflicting message about dogs in school.

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There has been a great amount in the news this week from articles stating “all schools should have a dog” to “Do not use dogs in schools” What we need to think about is the correct and safe way to have dogs in schools. Canine Assisted Learning are working with schools providing ongoing in […]

Should every school have a “dog as stress buster”?

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There has been an incredible amount of interest in dogs in schools following the below and other similar articles discussing the benefits of ‘well-being dogs’ in schools.

Sir Anthony Seldon has recently stated at a conference about the need to improve young people’s sense of wellbeing that “Every school should have a dog or another […]

The mental health crisis in universities

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The mental health of university students is a growing concern, levels of mental illness, mental distress and low wellbeing among students in higher education in the UK are increasing, and are high relative to other sections of the population.(1)

Students can be faced with overwhelming pressures financially and socially whilst at the same time trying […]

A day in the life of Bramble….a Canine Assisted Learning dog.

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Bramble had a very exciting day yesterday, he travelled to Gillingham Football Club School to meet and work with the students there. The school is based inside the stadium of the football club offering the students a fantastic facility to study in.

Considering Brambles favourite thing is the world is to play ball he was […]

The Momo challenge – The tools to battle online threats

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The Momo challenge – The tools to battle online threats

Written by James Plumer

It is a concerning time when as a practitioner in schools you come across the latest online challenge currently doing the rounds called the Momo Challenge. The sudden panic that can ensue can be troubling in

itself to suddenly think your own children […]

Time to Talk day 2019

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Time to Talk day 2019 was a huge success For CAL, who are working to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace, we offered many free sessions one of them being Rosie’s visit to the  BMW offices in Farnborough.

Rosie’s role was to promote conversation amongst employees along with bringing the other benefits of […]

Free Workplace Wellbeing sessions on time to talk day 2019

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As part of Time to Talk Day 2019 Canine Assisted Learning are offering free Workplace Wellbeing sessions to help normalise mental health, raise awareness and reduce stigma,  whilst helping your employees remain and thrive in work.

Canine Assisted Learning offers a bespoke Canine Assisted Workplace Wellbeing programme which is public liability insured, regulated, with full risk assessments […]

Mental Health at Work – We share the Duke of Cambridge’s view!!

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This week The Duke of Cambridge has spoken about how  employers should provide more support for people whose mental health is causing them problems at work, a viewpoint shared with Canine Assisted Learning who are working towards creating mentally healthy workplaces.

The Duke said “It should be so much easier to go to HR and talk about […]

How CAL is supporting mental health in young people

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Animal Assisted interventions can have a hugely positive effect working with young people in therapeutic settings CAL Therapist Katy works with young people in a range of settings with anxiety, selective mutism, psychosis, eating disorders, trauma, abuse, conduct disorder and exposure to name a few. The effect her CAL dog has on the young […]