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A day in the life of Bramble….a Canine Assisted Learning dog.

Bramble had a very exciting day yesterday, he travelled to Gillingham Football Club School to meet and work with the students there. The school is based inside the stadium of the football club offering the students a fantastic facility to study in.

Considering Brambles favourite thing is the world is to play ball he was […]

The Momo challenge – The tools to battle online threats

The Momo challenge – The tools to battle online threats

Written by James Plumer

It is a concerning time when as a practitioner in schools you come across the latest online challenge currently doing the rounds called the Momo Challenge. The sudden panic that can ensue can be troubling in

itself to suddenly think your own children […]

Time to Talk day 2019

Time to Talk day 2019 was a huge success For CAL, who are working to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace, we offered many free sessions one of them being Rosie’s visit to the  BMW offices in Farnborough.

Rosie’s role was to promote conversation amongst employees along with bringing the other benefits of […]